Altmode: Edit

Half-track with missiles on top.

Allegiance: Edit

Evil and Decepticons.

History: Edit

He had led his own group of Decepticons. Mobilecross betrayed him at some point, got the trust of the other Autobots, their leader dying, and then Mobilecross leading them.

Concede and the unnamed team that forms Alonia fought some of his Decepticons, leading most to die at the hands of Alonia and Concede's blade. He came across wannabes that thought they were evil, and laughed at them. He found out actual evil was in a realm for a long time, leading for everyone in the Mixedbag realm to forget what evil really was, leading Trackrain to feel a bit sad. He later forgot about that, and told his Decepticons to hide in the Communist country of Norland. Trackrain fought an Autobot who had a Norlandian Government car as his altmode. As most of Thomastrain's Decepticons were on Cybertron, and another random planet, the two different Decepticon groups never really met.

Sallylay and Placentium would find theirselves in Norland, but wouldn't face against any Decepticons, leading Sallylay to return to her human form.

Weaponry: Edit

Trackrain could summon a Battle Turret, which he (sometimes) manned.

He also used a Rainbow Energon railgun.

Color Scheme: Edit

Snow camo.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit