An all female group of Anti-heroes. The group is accepting, and they don't mind new members.

Members: Edit

Selena: Edit

Selena takes the leadership role, in the group, and is a magic user. She fails at keeping her anger together, but can lead the group to some victories. She's compared to Jazzimus, and we see why because they're both good leaders.

Elonias: Edit

A person from another Universe, a universe where good guys are called "Jedi", and baddies are called "Sith". Elonias would be considered Sith. She has aligned this way because of her viewpoint,and because of this, other Sith mocked her. Elonias uses a red saber.

Loniah: Edit

The teacher of the group, and a bit of a pacifist. She'd rather teach, or read than fight, but she is good with a staff.

Random Female Vehicon#3,400,000,001: Edit

A drone from a universe in the era of 2037. This same universe is the universe where there's both a God and a Lieutenant named "Primal". She managed not to die, and is the scarred one of the group because she saw other Vehicons die. She used to be loyal to Ventreus, but gave that up when she went into this Universe (omniverse?). Being a Vehicon, she had a drab and boring colorscheme, until she changed it to Green (two shades) This vehicon was later nicknamed "Sadie" by Selena, and also befriended Selena.

Origins: Edit

There was another group, long, long ago also called the Sisterhood of the Grey Capes. Selena uses this so that people think the group has never died. Selena claims her ancestor started the group of the same name, but this has no real proof to it, so it can neither be true, or false.