Species: Edit

She looked, and acted human, but was robotic.

History: Edit

She was one of those people who wore a Dunce cap as a fashion statement. Plate was later to be Targetmaster's companion, who always hung around the gun-bot for some reason.

Plate's body "aged", her early form made her look like she was Seven, then her other form looked like she was around Twelve to Thirteen. Her third form made her look like she was Sixteen. She later stopped it, and made her body look like it was in between the three forms.

Weaponry: Edit

Since she was actually robotic, her arm transformed into a cannon.

She also used a spear in combat, but she rebuilt it to be stronger (somehow with a scan from her eye/optic).

Appearance: Edit

She wore a Dunce cap, as said, but she also wore two blue bows in her hair.

Her dress was blue, and her shoes (Her shoes looked like those pointy shoes you'd almost always see a teacher wearing), her shoes were black.

She wore a yellow bracelet on her right arm. (the bracelet looked normal, but it also looked like those bandanas)

On her dress, she looked like she was wearing one of those Karate belts, though it would always be flowing on one side. (The karate-belt like thing was also Yellow)

Her hair sometimes appeared Brown, or black.

Her eyes/optics are Blue.

Allies: Edit

Targetmaster, Brightlight.

Allegiance: Edit

Somewhat Good.