Altmode(s): Edit

Boeing 767/F-22 Raptor.

If he had a toy of his Boeing mode, it'd say "DECEPTICON airlines".

Colorscheme: Edit

White and Beige (And also a bit of light grey.)

Weaponry: Edit

Two null ray-esque guns that can also shoot goo at his enemies. Sometimes, he holds one like its a rifle.

Minions: Edit

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, though not really Evil.(Sometimes, he's evil if he feels like it.)

Allies: Edit

Sometimes, he is paired with Oilslasher.

At one time, he was also paired with Airwave. (Another TNB Decepticon who I liked.. but then there was Soundblast who kinda sucked ass whom I regret making.)

Specialties: Edit

Unknown, but sometimes serves as the Decepticon's School Bus. (Yes, that was a Pseudo-reference to that Decepticon teacher guy I made a while back.) Though he also begrudgingly serves as a Terrorist. (Get it.. because.. 9/11..) (And another reference to TNB because 'Unknown' and I love doing that.)

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

He has a monotone voice, just like your normal pilot.