History: Edit

Optimus.. just Optimus.. no "Prime".

Optimus stayed in his truck mode, but when he saw Hardstone and Alonia killing Safetycons in his area, he joined them, then later introduced himself. He then told the six that there were other Autobots, and he commanded those. He went loner for a bit, and found a damaged and tortured SJWStorm. Optimus carried her, but SJWstorm kept attacking him with insults. Optimus commed Alonia (her combined form, not the group), and Alonia appeared (though to get there, she took an hour). Alonia picked up both 'SJW and Optimus in her left hand, then flew back to Hardstone.

Optimus and SJW were later repaired, and the Autobot group laid low for a bit.

Color Scheme: Edit

Red and Black.

The black isn't there in his altmode, but you'd only see black stripes and "DODGE RAM" all over his altmode.

Altmode: Edit

Dodge Ram.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

Weaponry: Edit

A Dual-barreled rifle, and two pistols. His other weapons were a shield and a small axe.

Allies: Edit

U-Turn,Wrong Way, Steering Wheel, Windshield-Wipe, Brightlight.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit