Norland is a Communist country that would be in Antarctica, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. (Scandinavia), Switzerland, Iceland, and Greenland. It has 4 parties, one being the Norland Worker's party. Norland is nicknamed "The Ice Country". Norland's flag would be a flag with Wheat and a Chisel on it, basically like the Hammer and Sickle flag, and still having the Workers theme. It later used a Pickaxe and Icepick on one of their flags. Although Norland is communist and stuff, Norland always is a non-Combatant/Non-Belligerent, and is mocked by the Western Media because they never have fought in a war in a long time. (It's not an Alternate country, simply because it doesn't have a counterpart.)

Allies: Edit

Neither Allies, nor Enemies: Edit

Enemies: Edit


Armed Forces: Edit

Ground troops, Navy, and Airforce.

They are thought to have nukes, but its unknown.